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Spitwell Apparel Commercial (Rap song)

The Business - Interview (DENT Damage Entertainment)

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30 second Radio Commercial

Power 99 (Philadelphia, PA) Co-wrote

Olie N. Walker Jr. is a marketing professional with over 25 years of experience as a goto consultant for businesses and organizations both

small and large. Mr. Walker received his Bachelor of Science in Marketing in 1991 from Hampton University.


During his career, Mr. Walker has specialized in logo design & development, brand Identity, branding, promotions, product placement and social media management. His experiences also include business-to-business account management and loyalty rewards programs while employed at Sam's Club, Advanta National Bank and The Hartford. A lifelong student of marketing with an eye for detail, Mr. Walker is always looking for innovative ways to increase his clients’ brand awareness and lend his creative juice to any marketing project or team.

Voice Over services provided by Olie N. Walker Jr. are clear and concise with versatility in delivery. His goal is to get your brand or message results! 

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